Flag How to Videos

Flag How To Videos

A collection of videos to provide training and education along with instructional and informational content.

How to take care of your flag

Here are some quick steps on how to wash and dry your flag properly for optimal results.

Installing a One Piece Flagpole

This video goes through the steps of installing a one piece flag pole from digging a foundation,
to adding the ball, truck, rope and flag and flash collar and the tools necessary to accomplish it.

Installing a Ball and Truck on a Flagpole

This video goes through the basic steps of installing or replacing a flag pole ball and truck as well as the tools necessary to accomplish it.

How to Set Up an Auditorium Flag

This video shows you how to set up the auditorium flag pole and presidential flagpole kit.

How to Properly Tie a Flagpole Knot

Here is how to properly tie a flag pole knot so it will stayed tied regardless of external pressure or wind.

How to Fold a Flag and Put it into a Memorial Case Correctly

This video shows you how to fold your flag and put it properly in a flag memorial case.

How to Secure Your Flagpole Rope for High Wind

For areas with high wind, noise from your rope slapping against your flagpole can be a problem.
This video shows you how to quickly resolve this and keep your flag closer to the pole in the wind.

How to Put Hooks and Covers on Your Flagpole Rope

This video shows you how to correctly attach a hook and cover to your flag pole rope before putting it on the flagpole.

How to Replace a Rope When it is on a Flag Pole

This video takes you through the steps of replacing your flagpole rope when it is still on the flagpole

How to Replace a Retainer Ring on a V-Cleat Flagpole

This video takes you through the steps of replacing a retainer ring on a V-Cleat Flag pole.

How to Replace a Rope on an Internal Halyard (V-Cleat) Flagpole

This video takes you through the steps replacing a rope on an Internal Halyard V-Cleat Flag pole.

Ways to Best Honor the Flag

Here are some guidelines to best honor and show proper respect for the flag.

How to Tell When You Should Repair or Retire a Flag

When is it better to repair your flag or retire it?
This video shows you what to look for to decide what will be most cost effective and best for your situation.

The Difference Between Polyester or Nylon Flags

What are the differences between polyester flags and nylon flags? We explain where each is best used.

The Meaning of the Stars on the Flag

This video discusses the meaning of the stars on the Flag of the United States of America and some history behind them.

When the Flag has a Fringe

This video discusses the purpose of the fringe on the flag, as well as some interpreted symbolism regarding it.

Meet One of Our Flagpole Climbers

Our Flagpole climbers specialize in doing repairs for flagpoles of all sizes.
With over 30 years of experience, Colonial Flag can do flagpole repair anywhere in the country.

How to Submit Artwork for a Custom Flag at ColonialFlag.com

Here are the steps for submitting your artwork for any custom flag, attention flag, banner or school banner

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