Flag Repair & Rotation

Our mission at Colonial Flag is to please the eyes and lift the hearts of our customers and community by consistently providing excellence in product, customer service, community involvement and, in all things, by dealing with integrity.


Sun, rain and snow, smog and pollution, and time itself – all these elements combine to age and tatter your flag. Colonial Flag offers affordable and convenient services to help you maintain the pristine condition of your flag. A flag flown continuously may need to be replaced two to three times a year. It is important to keep your flag clean and repaired, not only to observe proper flag etiquette, but also to convey respect of the flag to all who see it. Through our flag care programs, we can help you extend the life of your flag and, when needed, retire it with respect.

It’s easy to have Colonial take care of your flag. Drop it off or have us come get it whenever it needs care - or just drop it in the mail*.

Our hassle-free service is a convenient way to lengthen the life of your flag. When you sign up for one of our popular scheduled plans we’ll let you know when your flag needs attention and take care of all the details. You'll always have a beautiful flag - without ever giving it a thought.


Flag Care Programs

Flag Rotations

We make flag care convenient and hassle free with our flag rotation service. By setting up a flag rotation account with Colonial Flag, you receive individual attention and scheduled rotation from our experienced staff. We carefully store one repaired flag in your designated bin inside our facility for each flag you are flying on your flagpole(s) under your account.

At the time of your scheduled or requested rotation we come to your location, remove the tattered flag and respectfully hoist the fresh flag. The tattered flag is then brought to our facility for repair, and then placed back into your holding bin awaiting your next flag rotation. When your flag has reached the point where it is beyond repair, we automatically put a beautiful brand new flag up on your flagpole at the time of your next rotation. 

Whether at your home or your business, we take care of all the details, ensuring that you are always flying a flag that looks its best. As an added value, all Flag Rotation customers receive a 20% ongoing discount toward the purchase of new flags and hardware.

All of our nylon and polyester U.S. flags are the highest quality in the industry and are made proudly in the U.S.A. They are expertly crafted from durable outdoor grade materials, with embroidered stars and sewn stripes.


Flag Repair

Our professional staff can expertly repair your flag. Just drop it off, have us pick it up, or even send it in the mail. Whether it’s a U.S. flag, a custom flag or a decorative flag, we can repair wind-tattered ends or damaged headers and replace missing grommets. Download the Flag Repair Form here, then just follow the instructions and mail us the filled out form along with your flag. If you have any questions, call us toll free at 877-935-3524.

Show respect. Save Money. Extend the life of your flag.


Flag Rotation Pricing

Prices are listed per service call. We recommend rotating your flag an average of six times per year (though large flags will need rotating more often).


Flag Retirement

Even with proper care, no flag lasts forever. When the time comes to replace your flag, we provide retirement services that will dispose of your flag with the same care and respect you have given while you owned it.

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Meet One of Our Flagpole Climbers

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