U.S. Flags

The Difference Between Polyester and Nylon Flags

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Select From Our Nylon or Polyester U.S. Flags below.

Nylon FlagsNylon U.S. Flags

Our nylon is lightweight, shiny, and water repellent making it a truly durable all-weather fabric. Since it weighs less, it will fly beautifully even with the slightest breeze.
This is a better option if you like to see the flag fly and will place it in area that gets less wind such as a residential location.

Polyester FlagsPolyester U.S. Flags

Our polyester is a heavier weight quality fabric that looks and feels like cotton. If the flag will fly higher, such as above a roof of a building or in an area with stronger winds, this is often a better choice. It will fly nicely in the heavier winds and lasts slightly longer than nylon.
Our polyester and nylon U.S. flags are of high quality and are offered at some of the best prices available! Choose your style above or call us today with any questions at 1-877-941-3524