The Flag App by Colonial Flag

The Flag App

Many have asked for a mobile resource to help them properly display the American Flag. We are excited to now offer this free app for your Android or iPhone with this and many additional features! This mobile Flag app provides details on proper flag etiquette, half staff notifications, tips and suggested dates to fly the flag as well as several other useful resources to enhance your flag experience.

It is your country, your flag, fly it!

The Flag App provides the following functionality:

  • Half staff notifications delivered to your mobile phone
  • Calendar of holidays recommended for flying the flag
  • Information on flag etiquette, caring for the flag, proper display of the flag and flag ceremonies
  • Contact options for answers to questions and for flag merchandise
  • How To videos on flag poles
  • Gallery of flag events and ability to submit your own photos of flag events
  • Unlock In store discounts
  • Many new feature in the works!

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