Sudan Flag

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Flag of Sudan

The Sudan flag was adopted on May 20, 1970. The red of this flag represents the bloodshed against British colonialism and the martyrs of the Republic of Sudan, the white represents purity and optimism, the black represents the struggle of independence, and the green represents prosperity and agriculture.

Technical Specs

  • Nylon flags are made of 100% heavyweight 200-denier Nylon, specially treated to resist deterioration, a truly durable all-weather flag. Finished with white cotton header and 2 grommets.  Made in the USA. 

  • Light Weight Polyester flags are printed on a lighter, richly colored indoor quality material. Can be flown outdoors for short periods of time. Perfect for pictures or as a souvenir of a special trip. Finished with white header and 2 grommets.

If the selected flag is not in stock, lead time can be up to 15 days. Contact us to check on lead times at or 1-877-941-3524 (FLAG).


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