Solar Powered Flagpole Light

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Versatile Solar Powered Light that can be used on your flagpole, campground, front porch and so much more!

120 Powerful LED's

Easy Replacement of battery

NO wiring required

Batteries included 

 Dimensions 10" x 10" x2"

Stylish and lightweight design made with premium grade materials for an attractive finish and superb performance.

This solar-powered flagpole light is ideal for flagpoles 25' or smaller. Bright solar light that illuminates your American Flag at night. No wires and conveniently mounts to the top of your flagpole. Provides 100% free and energy efficient lighting for your American Flag at night. Suitable for use outdoors and includes the self charging batteries which are included. 120 x 0.2W ultra bright SMD 2835 LED’s - 3.7V 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery - 5.5V 5.2W efficiency monocrystalline solar panel.