Rhode Island Regiment Flags

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Rhode Island Regiment Flag

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Flown by the Rhode Islanders who fought in the battles of Brandywine, Trenton, and Yorktown during the American Revolution, this flag symbolizes the hope of a strong seafaring community. The Rhode Island colony flag consists of the White Flag of Commonwealth, with a banner, an anchor, and a star field. The anchor, used as a Rhode Island state symbol since 1647, represents seafaring and hope. The star field in the top left corner features a star for each of the Thirteen Colonies.

Our Nylon Historic Rhode Island Regiment Flag is made proudly in the USA.

Our Historic Rhode Island Regiment Flag has brilliant color, is authentic in design and is made in the USA with true craftsmanship. Representing an important part of U.S. History, you can be proud to display this revered standard.


  • Our Historic Rhode Island Regiment Flag is a great way to highlight important times in the unfolding of our Nation's history. All Outdoor grade flags are made adhering to exacting standards, expertly crafted in fade-resistant brilliant color, and are unsurpassed in authenticity and craftsmanship.

    If Historic Rhode Island Regiment Flag selected is not in stock, lead time can sometimes be up to 15 days for shipping. Call us toll-free at 800-782-0500 to check on lead times if interested.

Technical Specs

Our Regiment Flag is expertly crafted from durable materials.

The Outdoor Grade Nylon Regiment Flag will fly beautifully in the slightest breeze while being a truly durable all-weather flag. This flag is expertly crafted from 100% heavyweight 200-Denier Nylon, specially treated to resist fading and deterioration.

If you want something for indoor display, use our Light Weight Polyester Regiment Flag, this flag is beautifully printed on lighter, richly colored, indoor quality materials.