Residential 20

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Residential 20’ Flagpole

 External vs V-Cleat

External Pole

  • Our most economical flag pole model

  • Cleat is mounted to the pole, usually at 5’ above ground level

  • Wrap or tie the rope around the cleat

  • Strong – with no access door cut into the pole, pole strength is unsurpassed

  • Highest wind rating

  • For added security, purchase a Cleat Cover/Lock Box and a Rope Cover

Installation Instructions


  • Colonial Flag is the only source for the secure V-cleat flagpoles

  • V-shaped cleat that grips the rope inside the aluminum flagpole

  • Locking door protects flag from vandals and pranksters, as well as providing a handsome, sleek appearance

  • High Wind Resistance

  • Easy to operate and requires no maintenance-there are no moving parts!

  • Best secured halyard line value 

Installation Instructions



Colonial Flag welcomes custom orders! Call us at (877) 941-3524 for details on color options and lead times.


Technical Specs


Residential Foundation Drawing