Position and Manner of Flag Display

The Flag CodeFlag Position - Manner of Flag Display

Although we cannot be all inclusive on how the flag should be treated and reverenced, the following basic do's and do not's give guidance about Flag Position and Manner of Flag Display:

Flag Position - Manner of Flag Display - Do's:

  • Proper care should always be given to the flag.
  • Displaying it in a dignified and appropriate manner should always be considered before installing a flag pole, hanging it on the side of your home, or presenting it at a meeting or at other public places. 
  • The flag should always be folded properly and stored in a safe place when not on display.

When to Fly the FlagFlag Position - Manner of Flag - Do Not's:

  • Avoid flying the flag outdoors during periods of severe weather.
  • Damage to the flag should be avoided and proper cleaning of the flag should take place soon after it becomes dirty.
  • Flags should never be fastened to, displayed on, or draped over anything that would allow it to be easily torn, soiled, or damaged. Bunting should be considered for use in situations where harm may occur.

Full U.S. Flag Code Documentation
Flag Code:
TITLE 4 - CHAPTER 1 - Sec. 7.

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