Over The Street Banners

Over the Street Banner Systems

Custom Over The Street Banners and Engineered Main Street Banner Pole Systems

Announce your community or city events, exhibits, seasons greetings and team or individual congratulations boldly and clearly on your city/ down town street with Colonial Flag’s Custom Over the Street Banner Systems. Our heavy duty steel poles install on either side of your street and are custom engineered for your required banner size across the streets span, taking into consideration local traffic, height clearance requirements, and ideal visual appearance.
Our over the street banner pulley systems are professionally designed to allow access from either side of the street without the need to block traffic. So, whether your street is 50 feet wide or 100 feet wide, and whether you want a 3 ft. by 30 ft. banner suspended across your downtown street, a 150 ft.+ banner, or any size for that matter, we will engineer a solution that can be used over and over again for many years to come. View Printable PDF
With over 40 years experience in building the best custom display banner systems across the nation, can be confident your event, message or exhibit, will bring the professionalism, reach and reliability you won't find anywhere else.

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