Internal V-Cleat 30ft x5in x.156 Flagpole - Dark Bronze Anodized Finish

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Internal V-Cleat 30'x5"x.156 Flagpole
Internal rope V-Cleat flagpoles are the most recent innovation in the flagpole industry. This series has a patent pending revolutionary V shaped cleat that grips the rope inside the flagpole. They are considerably less expensive then other Internal Systems making the V-Cleat series our most popular secured halyard line. V-Cleat poles have been designed to be a replacement for Cam Action or Cam Cleat flagpoles. Because of the smaller opening required for the V-Cleat compared with that of the Cam Cleat, the new V-Cleat Flagpoles are stronger than what was previously available on the market. Another advantage is that this is the only internal rope system to operate with no moving parts inside the pole. The V-Cleat system is extremely easy to operate, and requires no maintenance. The V-Cleat series features a locking door that offers both a sleek appearance and protection from vandals and pranksters. This style of flagpole is perfect for businesses, schools, government buildings, churches, monuments, parks, homes, or anywhere good design, quiet operation, and security is desired.


  • Kit Includes: 
    Flagpole, Ground Sleeve, Flash Collar, Gold Ball, Stationary Truck, Halyard, Snap Hooks & Covers, Counterweight, Retainer Ring, Locking access Door with Internal V-Cleat.

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