How to Fold the Flag

Flag Folding - How to Fold the American Flag

Folding the Flag into a Triangle   How to Fold a Flag and Put it into a Memorial Case Correctly

This custom of special Flag Folding is reserved for the United States of America Flag alone. Below you'll find more information on how to fold the American flag.



Flag Folding - Step 1


To properly fold the Flag, begin by holding it waist-high with another person so that its surface is parallel to the ground.



Flag Folding - Step 2


Fold the lower half of the stripe section lengthwise over the field of stars, holding the bottom and top edges securely.



Flag Folding - Step 3


Fold the flag again lengthwise with the blue field on the outside.



Flag Folding - Step 4


Make a triangular fold by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open (top) edge of the flag.


Flag Folding - Step 5


Turn the outer (end) point inward, parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle.



Flag Folding - Step 6


The triangular folding is continued until the entire length of the flag is folded in this manner. The loose end of the flag should be tucked in under the exposed layer of the flag.


Flag Folding - Step 7


When the flag is completely folded, only a triangular blue field of stars should be visible.

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