External 30'x5"x.156 Flag Poles

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External 30'x5"x.156 Flag Poles

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Flag Pole Details:

- Above ground height: 30 ft.
(Total Length: 33 ft.)

- Base Diameter: 5 in.
- Wall Thickness: .156 in.
- Ships in two Sections.
Standard Flag size is 5'x8'
With a wind rating of 95 MPH Flagged, and 120 MPH Unflagged.


  • Kit Includes:

    Aluminum Flag Pole, Ground Sleeve, Flash Collar, Gold Ball, Revolving Truck, Halyard, Snap Hooks & Covers.

    If flag pole selected is not in stock, manufacturing lead time can sometimes be up to 8 weeks for shipping. Call us at 1-877-941-3524 to check on lead times if interested.

    External Flag Pole Information:

    STANDARD: External Rope Flag Poles are the most basic, standard style of flag pole. This series has a cleat mounted to the pole to wrap or tie the rope around, which is usually placed about 5' above ground level.

    LOW COST: They are the least expensive Commercial Flag Pole Series making it a very popular line. This style of flag pole is universal and has been used by businesses, schools, government buildings, churches, monuments, parks and homes.

    STRONG & EASY TO USE: The External system is extremely easy to operate. Pole strength is unsurpassed since there are no access doors cut into the flag pole. They have the highest wind ratings as a result.

    SECURITY: Cleat Cover/Lock Boxes and Rope Covers are additional items that can be purchased to help provide security and limit access to vandals and pranksters. If security is a concern, the Internal V-Cleat or Winch system series may better suit your needs.

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