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Custom School Banners and School Flags

Custom School Banners, Flags and Gonfalons 

Promote your school spirit by displaying your own school's colors with custom flags, banners or gonfalons. Brighten long hallways, state your school's mission or promote important values with colorful custom school banners and flags from Colonial Flag.

Consider adding school pride with:

Design Your Own Custom Flag

For a wide variety of school banner and flag examples go to our School Banner gallery

With our in house production team, we can custom create a banner or flag that fits your individual needs.

How to Submit Artwork for a Custom FlagGet and Applique Version of Your FlagOur highly experienced team loves to help make your vision a reality!

Let our design experts help you create a new or bring us your existing design (in vector format) for a quality flag that can be displayed anywhere. Submitting artwork is easy, find out how here.
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