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Custom Applique Flags and Banner Design

Our custom appliqued flags and banners are constructed by sewing together individual pieces of fabric to make your design using pre-dyed nylon. The result is a rich dimensional look at a fraction of the cost of embroidery. Appliqued flags are beautiful enough to display indoors but durable enough for outdoor use. Because each piece is individually sewn, the price is based on the complexity of the design. Please submit art for a firm quote.

Simple: One color logo or silhouette design with up to 25 block letters, white or solid color background

  Customized Applique Flag - Simple Class Price ChartCustom Applique Flag - SimpleClass

Average: Up to 3 colors, 2 color block lettering (shadows or outlines), up to 45 letters

Custom Applique Flag - AverageClass  Customized Applique Flag - Average Class Price Chart

Complex: Multi-color elements with intricate designs, any letter style (italic, serif, etc)

Custom Applique Flag - Complex Class  Customized Applique Flag - Complex Class Price Chart

Very Complex: Multi color elements, intricate design and stitching. Extensive lettering. Reverse out, layering and butting against techniques.

Custom Applique Flag - Very Complex Class  Customized Applique Flag - Very Complex Class Price Chart

How to Submit Artwork for a Custom FlagPrices shown are for images produced from digital graphics files, vector formatted. Other types of art work such as black and white composites, photographs, letterheads, business cards or scanned e-mail art can be accepted with additional art charges. Art charges start at $50/per hour and will be determined on a per-order basis.

Ready to get a full quote? Call us toll-free at 1-877-941-3524 or Request a Quote here


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Ready to get a full quote? Call us toll-free at 1-877-941-3524 or Request a Quote here