Zambia flag

The Zambian flag consists of four colors: Green, which represents agriculture. Red, which represents the struggle for its independence. Black, stands for the Zambian people. Orange, stands for Zambia’s mineral wealth especially copper. This flag was adopted by Zambia in 1964 right around the time the country gained its independence. The colors of this flag come from the UNIP (United Party of National Independence). The eagle in the top corner stands for the nations conquest of freedom and the countries hopes for the future.

The states coat of arms takes after the emblem that was given when Zambia was still a colony of Northern Rhodesia. Victoria Falls are represented in the shield. The pick and hammer represent the county’s mining installations it also contains a corn cob and zebra. The bottom ribbon says “One Zambia, One Nation”

Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called North and South Rhodesia. North Rhodesia gained its independence and became what is now Zambia. South Rhodesia became what is now known as Zimbabwe. Zambia’s new leader was Kaunda who became good friends with dictator Saddam Hussein. Kaunda also developed close relations with communist regimes in the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China.

More recently in the 2000’s the economy stabilized and attained a single digit inflation rate. A majority of their economic growth has come from foreign investment in Zambia’s mining and with copper prices rising around the world this led to investor confidence in Zambia.

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