Yemen flag

Yemen’s current flag as hoisted on Yemeni flag poles was officially adopted in 1962 after a revolution that threw out the monarchy that ruled the country. The flag shows the state’s support of Arab unity. The only difference between this flag and the Syrian flag is the use of the single green star in the middle of its white stripe, which is a symbol for independence. Red on the flag stands for the revolution. The white stands for purity and faith in the future. Black stands for the country’s “dark” past.

The country’s revolution changed its government from a monarchy to a parliamentary republic. Yemen is one of the oldest centers of civilization in the near east. Yemen is Arabia’s only democratic republic.

The state’s coat of arms consists of an eagle with symbolizes strength and tenacity of the people of Yemen. It also has a coffee plant and a picture of the old Marib dam. Even though coffee is not as important to the economy it is still pictured. The name of the country is shown on the scroll on the bottom.

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