Uganda flag

The Ugandan flag is consists of six equal sized alternating horizontal strips in the colors black, yellow and red. The alternating horizontal strips start with black at the top an then follow the pattern of going to yellow, then red, then back, and to black again. In the center of the flag a white circle with a crane bird is displayed.

This flag has a lot of meaning. The stripes of black represent the African people of the Ugandan country. The red stands for brotherhood and the yellow color symbolizes the sun. The crested crane is the national symbol of Uganda, which was first used during British Colonial times.

The Ugandan flag was first hoisted on Ugandan flagpoles on 9/10/1962, which is in fact the day that this African nation gained its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The ruling party first used an unofficial flag however. The congress party won elections and a new design was made which is now the current national flag.