Tajikistan flag

The flag of Tajikistan was hoisted on a national flag pole for the first time in '92. This was just after the country achieved its independence from the Soviet Union on September 9, 1991. When it was part of the Soviet Union it had a red flag with small green and white horizontal stripes, with associated Soviet Union emblems. Those colors form the base for the modern flag of Tajikistan.

The flag of Tajikistan is made of three horizontal stripes. The bottom stripe is colored green, the middle is white, and the top horizontal band is red. Centered on the white stripe, there is a gold crown with seven, five-point stars arcing over the top of the crown.

The red stripe symbolizes the independence of Tajikistan as well as the land itself. The green color represents the countries agriculture. The white stands for the countries purity and the cotton industry, which plays an important role in Tajikistan’s economy.