Hungary flag

The traditional arms of Hungary. which were revived in 1989, are divided vertically, with bars of white and red on one side, and white patriarchal cross standing on a green colored mount on the other.

The plain shield is known as the "Kossuth" arms, after the national hero who created the Free State back in the year 1849, when this tricolor was also popularized, under the influence of the national French flag.

During the monarchy and regency the arms also included the crown of St. Stephens (with its characteristics bent cross), and this was used on the joint civil ensign of Austria-Hungary from 1867 through 1918), and on the flag of Hungary until 1945.

A new ensign was introduced during the forties but did not last for more than some 10 years.

The current tricolor was introduced back in the fifties but has never been featured in theĀ Hungarian flag. This tricolor has been hoisted on Hungarian flagpoles for years!