Greece flag
The motto of those who fought for independence in the early 19th century was "Liberty or Death", and the nine stripes of the flag are said to represented these syllables, interestingly.

Historic professionals claim however that the use of the nine horizontal stripes is based on the design of the national flag of the United States, or the Stars and Stripes.

Blue and white and the cross flag also date from this period.

Until the year 1970 it was usual for the plain cross flag to be used inland, and the striped flag at sea and for official purposes, which means Greece in effect had two official flags. However, the plain cross version was abolished in 1970. In 1974 the original situation was restored, and in the following year the plain cross was made the only national flag of Greece. Some four years later, the striped flag was adopted as the only national flag.

Greece flags fly beautifully from flagpoles.