Dominican Republic

Dominican republic flagThe Dominican Republic flies a beautiful flag from their respective flag poles. This ensign was adopted in 1844, thus making it a relatively old banner. Designed by Juan Pablo Duarte, this gentleman also founded a secret society called the "Trinitaria." In fact, it was under their direction and lead that the Dominican Republic separated from Haiti and established independence.

The use of colors is, not surprisingly, similar to the use of the colors in the flag design of Haiti. The colors blue and red represent freedom and the numerous sacrifices the people of the republic were called upon to make for the sake of independence. The national ensign is hence a reminder of this. The white cross featured on this flag symbolizes the main stream religion of the republic.

The national flag and state and war ensign have a ratio of two to three. The same applies to the official ensign, which does not feature the country's coat of arms in the middle. The smaller sized coat of arms is surrounded by laurel and palm branches, the shield of the state coat of arms carries the national colors and a cross, and a Bible, thus representing the Christian religion.

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