Flag Etiquette

Colonial Flag is dedicated to help you with the proper American flag etiquette to display your flag. With the many different ideas about how to take care of the flag, we would like to help clear up some things you can and can't do with the flag, with the useful information found under the topics above.

As the ultimate symbol of a country that has faced and overcome a host of trials, the flag of the United States of America is deserving of high esteem and regard. The flag represents the one nation that stands united under God as a beacon of liberty and justice to all mankind.


Giving proper heed to the American flag etiquette goes beyond the pledge of allegiance and flying it on the Fourth of July. To view in depth flag etiquette information, choose from any of the subcategories above. Visit our blog for more information and news on subjects that relate to the United States Flag. U.S. Flag Code Documentation

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