120 ft Christmas Tree

Client Name: Oak Island Creative 

Location: Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah 

Materials: 120' Steel Pole, Columbia HG Series Winch 

Details: Oak Island Creative produces special events and attractions at many of America’s flagship destination consumer event destinations. They partnered with Colonial Flag to design and erect a 120' Christmas tree for Thanksgiving Point's Ashton Gardens. The tree will be the focal point for the Garden's Christmas display called Luminaria.

The Christmas tree "trunk" is made of .375" thick steel with a 16" diameter base. It rises in four tapered sections to a 6" diameter at the top. Colonial Flag specially designed a four tier pulley system at the top that clasps forty light cables in place. The light cables extend to the ground creating the Christmas tree shape. The light cables are lifted by a Columbia HG Series hoist manufactured by Allied Power Inc.

To install the pole, a special road had to be constructed to protect the grounds. It took the crew two days to build the wooden path so the crane could be close enough to stand the pole. A crew of 10 people with a 166' 110 ton mobile hyrdo crane and a 12,000 lb forklift lifted the pole in place.