Afghanistan Flag

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Flag of Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Flag is made of of three equal vertical bands in the colors black, red, and green, with the Afghanistan coat of arms in the center. This national flag is often referred to as the "King's flag." The coat of arms depicts part of a mosque, sheaves of wheat, two banners, the date 1371 (A.D. 1992), which is the date of the Mujahideen victory, and an Arabic inscription that reads, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger." This flag was attached to historic flag poles in Afghanistan from 1930 until 1973 and again over the presidential palace in Kabul on February 5, 2002, in a ceremony led by interim Afghan leader Hamid Karzai, replacing the then official flag of the overthrown Taliban.

Technical Specs

  • Nylon flags are made of 100% heavyweight 200-denier Nylon, specially treated to resist deterioration, a truly durable all-weather flag. Finished with white cotton header and 2 grommets.  Made in the USA. 

  • Light Weight Polyester flags are printed on a lighter, richly colored indoor quality material. Can be flown outdoors for short periods of time. Perfect for pictures or as a souvenir of a special trip. Finished with white header and 2 grommets.

  • Hand held flags are printed on lightweight indoor quality material. Perfect at parades, rallies, sports events, elections or any occasion. Attached to plastic or wood staff. 

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