3'x5' Gadsden Flag

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Named after Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, this flag was first flown in early 1776 by the first Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Fleet. Its inscription "Don't Tread On Me" represented a warning from the colonists to the British.

All of our Nylon Historic Gadsden Flags are made proudly in the USA.
  • Our Historic Gadsden Flag is a great way to highlight important times in the unfolding of our Nation's history. All Outdoor grade flags are made adhering to exacting standards, expertly crafted in fade-resistant brilliant color, and are unsurpassed in authenticity and craftsmanship.

    If Historic Gadsden Flag selected is not in stock, lead time can sometimes be up to 15 days for shipping. Call us Toll Free at 800-782-0500 to check on lead times if interested.